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PRC will start Saturday Feb 15 - 8 am

Each Saturday until March 9 back to mid Week

Meeting Location :

Yorba Regional Park Baseball Fields

March 9 - Starting 6 pm - to 7:15 pm

Monday & Thursday


PRC (PoweRun Club) is a youth running club operating in north Orange County with our headquarters located in the city of Yorba Linda. The Club's mission is to serve all youth members of our community who have a desire to participate in the sport of running as a recreational activity, and to provide dedicated athletes with the opportunity to practice and compete at the highest possible level.

Running for fitness, fun and competition is what PRC is all about. No matter what your goal is we offer year-round, expertly designed group running programs.

Come see firsthand what our programs can do for you!

Whether you are a beginner wanting a fitness program... an athlete seeking variety... a current runner wanting to improve your performance, power and speed or just want to see if you can become the next great Olympic runner, there is a place for you as a member at our running club.

We welcome all youth boys and girls ages 7-18 years old. You can join at any time.

Please call us with any questions! 714-803-7718

PRC - is a 75 minute coached practice for those who can walk and run at least a mile.

Emphasis - will be on sportsmanship and discipline, body mechanics and form, pre-movement warm-ups and cool downs, nutrition and hydration.

Team Elite - A specialized program for kids that meet certain qualifications. Usually a big heart and passion for running.